Direct Sheetmetal

Direct Sheetmetal brings you the best in sheetmetal parts for your vintage hot rod. They specialize in Willys, Ford and Chevrolet passenger cars and pick-ups.

Direct Sheetmetal has been in El Cajon, CA shop since 1995 and has been doing custom fabrication since 1977. Direct Sheetmetal purpose is to provide you with firewalls, floorboards, and other sheet metal parts to suit your hot rodding needs!

Every kit Direct Sheetmetal sells is made in their 6,000 square foot shop. If they offer it, They make it. Direct Sheetmetal operates this way for two reasons. First, they can maintain the high quality of each product shiped, and secondly, they can fill your order in a reasonable turn-around time.

Direct Sheetmetal is continually designing new components, and occasionally,
If you don’t see the part you need, Please contact us to check for its availability!