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Rear Wheel Seal Snap Ring, no ears for 1932-36, Passenger & Commercial.
Part# B-1180
$3.00 USD
1932-36, Passenger & Commercial.
Part# B-1175
$4.95 USD
Rear wheel seal snap ring, no ears for 1937-48, Passenger and commercial.
Part# 78-1180
$2.00 USD
They feature the Ford Deluxe script in center and attach using 4 original Ford style mounting clips... Read more
Part# 01A-1130
$40.00 USD
Baby Moon Hubcap 1940
Part# 01A-1130-BM
$35.00 USD
1940 Deluxe Hubcap. Sold each separately.
Part# 01A-1130
$40.00 USD
Rear Hub Axle Nut for 1932-48 Passenger and Commercial
Part# B-4242
$2.00 USD
Rear Hub Gasket for 1932-48 Passenger and Commercial-Pair
Part# B-4244
$2.00 USD
Rear wheel Grease Seal 1932-34 Big Truck
Part# BB-1175-A
$20.00 USD
1937-48, Rear Wheel Grease Seal-Passenger & Commercial
Part# 78-1175
$5.95 USD
1938-47 Rear Wheel Grease Seal, 1938-47-1 Ton Truck-PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING
Part# 61-1175
$0.00 USD
Rear Wheel Grease Seal 1939-47 Ton Truck-PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING
Part# 91D-1175
$0.00 USD
1934-48, Rear Wheel Grease Seal, Big Truck.
Part# BB-1175-C
$59.50 USD